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Lucy Agace

I set up the Barbados Underwater Photography Academy (BUPA)  a few years ago when I qualified as an INON UK instructor in 2012, after years of travelling the world focusing on underwater photography. I am passionate about marine life and love teaching underwater photography. I have found the INON level 1 u/w photography course a perfect mechanism to enhance anyones photographic skills, it has proved very popular with my students. This course is certified because BUPA is an official academy and the only one in the Caribbean.

I have tuned the course over the years and when I’m working one to one in a private lesson I can adapt it to suit the students’ requirements. I only work with small groups which means everyone gets my full attention. The course comprises of classroom work and dives led by me; please see below for more details. You can also book me for private underwater photography lessons to suit your requirements, please see below.

Green Turtle and young Jacks

Barbados is a beautiful island with all year round warm water and sunshine! The diving is easy with little or no currents on flourishing coral reefs and stunning wrecks of all shapes and sizes. There are top beach dives where we can visit multiple times to get the shot right.

I believe it’s important to understand marine life behaviour in order to photograph it well. If you can’t find, see, know where to look for or how to approach your subjects then you won’t get to first base. This is an integral part of my adapted Inon Level 1 course and on any private lessons. You will also learn how to find a variety of creatures such as – seahorses, mantis shrimps and frogfish and how to photograph them sympathetically.

I favour the compact camera system essentially because you can change lenses underwater which means you can vary the subject choice during a dive. But also, compact cameras are much lighter than dslr cameras and therefore easier to handle. All the photographs you see on this website are taken with a compact system. If required Olympus XZ 2 cameras are available for rent and there are various lenses and strobes for students to try out during the course or during private tuition FOC. I can advise you on what to buy to advance your photography in the direction you want to go.

Recently I have added working with GoPro cameras, mainly because I bought one and love using it. No it doesn’t have the same pixel quality as a proper camera but it is very useful whilst snorkelling and a perfect addition to a dive, especially for video. In fact this turtle photo was taken with my GoPro.

My guided dives at the cement plant pier are always exciting. The diver in this photo is looking at a seahorse. Why don’t you join me when you are next on Barbados. 🙂

a diver explores the pier
Peppermint Goby on brain coral

Learn to take photographs like this using a technique I will teach you on a private lesson or during the Level 1 photo course.

feather duster

feather duster


If you are frustrated with your underwater photos or simply want to quickly learn how to shoot like a pro then this course is perfect for you. Everyone I have taught so far from beginners to good photographers have said how much they learn about their camera (which they didn’t already know!), about marine life, about understanding the basics of a good photo, good composition and finally enjoying the results. There is a lot to learn but this course will give you all the tools and understanding you need to become a good marine life photographer  – because that’s what you are!  This is a 100% certified course and requires classroom and field work. 

• Camera care and preparation

• f-stop, shutter speed, exposure,

• depth of field, using ISO in bad light situations, white balance adjustment

• Composition, shooting angles, controlling light

• How to use colour and subjects creatively

• Controlled diving techniques, diving with care

• Finding & approaching subjects

• Try out wet lenses and strobes

Group price US$ 250pp  (not including diving. minimum 2)

Private price US$ 450pp  (not including diving)

Get in touch –  lucy@scubachannels.com                              

 Barbados   T: +(246) 230 5464 • UK  T: +44 07767 357749

Dives vary depending on booking. Boat dives are from B$120 – $150. Beach dives are cost of equipment only. Private boat dives are around B$120 but limited numbers and dive sites.


Learn why your photos or videos are too red and how to correct this problem!   simple when you know how 🙂

Learn how to find/see camouflaged creatures like this octopus. The lizard fish behind gives a clue as to it’s whereabouts.       Dive slowly and see more.


Take the guess work out of underwater photography and make the most of your time on the island. My lessons can be tailor made to suit your requirements. They will include classroom work and diving. If you want to learn a particular technique then thats what we will do. Just get in touch and we can discuss your needs. Perhaps you want to know how to control the sun in your photo, I can help with this and how to control the fore/background light. Correct exposure plays a big part in taking that perfect photo.

Alternatively l can assist you on as many dives as you want working on various improvements/techniques with or without classroom work. If you want to see a particular creature like say a Frogfish we can go dive where they are often found and the same applies for any of the amazing creatures you can find in Barbados waters. Just check out my collection of Galleries to see the variety. I am also happy to work with GoPro cameras privately.

Per Day US$ 225 (for 2 people $350)

Per Hour US$ 50 (for 2 people $80)

Feel free to contact me if you want more information about anything I am always happy to hear from you and will do my best to accommodate your requirements 🙂

E:  lucy@scubachannels.com 

T: B(246) 230 5464   UK:(44) 07767 357749

Magnificent Sea urchin

Magnificent Sea urchin



Sponges on Bright Ledge

Sponges on Bright Ledge

Yellow Goatfish

Yellow Goatfish

Giant Rope Sponge

Giant Rope Sponge

A collection of different types of images and compositions all taken with a compact camera system and strobes. In some I used an Inon wide-angle wet lens and others an Inon macro wet lens.   This equipment is available for you to try out on the course and for rent.