I am so excited to offer snorkelling as part of my underwater marine life experiences in Barbados. I love the freedom snorkelling allows, it is easy to do and requires little equipment. This is an excellent activity for teenagers and over 10’s.

I have found a unique place to see seahorses whilst snorkelling, this is usually only possible if you scuba dive which many people can’t do. It opens up a whole new world for those who are less at home in the sea. Previous snorkelling experience is not required but to get the best out of your experience confident swimming ability and ‘duck diving’ technique are good to have. I can teach duck diving if required.

The term “duck diving” applies to the technique we use to go from the surface of the water to deeper down. We do this to get closer to what there is to see. It is usually essential for viewing the seahorses up close, because I don’t bring them to you – you have to go to them. Seahorses are not deeper than 14 feet but that can seem a long way down from the surface.

My ethics are no touch and do not disturb. Seahorses are generally very shy creatures and I am not able to bring them nearer to you whilst snorkelling, which is why being able to go down to the seahorse is pretty essential.

Booking a snorkelling guide is perhaps an extravagance when you can snorkel anytime and anywhere you want, but will you see what I see? Do you know what you are looking at or does it just look like sand with bits rolling around on the bottom? Will you spot the seahorse, octopus, scorpion fish or frogfish? And not least can you explain to your children what they are looking at? Most of these creatures are very well camouflaged and need a keen eye and practice to find them. I would love to show you!

Let me take you to where turtles and rays regularly come in search of food and hang out. Green turtles and Southern Sting Rays can often be found in a bay up the west coast of Barbados. Here we will snorkel in shallow water over reef and sand and be able to easily see lots of fabulous marine life. The turtles and rays are pretty used to humans so there is every chance you can get really close; as you can see in my video below.

Turtles and Rays