Lucy Agace

Photographer Writer Teacher

Underwater photography and studying marine life is my great passion and sharing it with other people“.

I have had an incredible journey over the last 30 years where amazing dive experiences, encompassing the world, have left an everlasting appreciation and respect for marine life. Photography has always been my medium of choice. But it’s the marine life experiences that I cherish, because I feel a personal connection during my encounters. The small marine critters featured in my photos have their own special characters. I feel they find me as much as I find them which l acknowledge with gratitude.

It is with great pleasure that I share my marine life knowledge and u/w photography skills to help others gather their own experiences and appreciate how beautiful and special our underwater world is.

I am an ardent marine conservationist and regularly highlight global and local issues on my facebook and twitter pages. I am a founder member of a new CORALL alliance in Barbados. CORALL was set up to conserve and restore the reef ecosystems.

I Offer

Photography Tuition Marine Life Encounters

On the beautiful island of Barbados I provide a number of services and courses designed to enhance your holiday experience and further your photography skills.

For keen photographers I teach the certified INON level 1 u/w photography classes at my Barbados Underwater Photography Academy (BUPA). This course can run between 3-4 days and is part classroom and diving.

I also offer specialised private daily or hourly u/w photography tuition which is designed to suit your particular requirements. If you just need a little help with something in particular then this is a good option. I also take guided dives showing you various subjects depending on what you are looking for or just pointing out what I see.

If you can’t dive but would like to see some of the wonderful marine life on Barbados then a snorkelling trip might suit you. My popular guided safaris to see seahorses, turtles, rays, octopus, frogfish and lots of other critters are unique and will leave you with unforgettable memories. Snorkelling – Take a 1 hour marine life guided tour as part of your holiday and see things you didn’t know were there!  View more details click here.

Coming soon – Join me on a guided photography holidays to Barbados, where I have a second home. This means you pay for my services not my holiday! I will be working with top end accredited travel agents who specialise in photography focused trips. 

Scuba Channels has

Books INON Products Travel Deals

Scuba Channels is my company and has become a well known brand in the diving community. I use it to sell products, services and display my work. I also use social media to amplify worldwide marine conservation issues, events and information to our 2000+ Facebook and Twitter followers. We publish marine life and dive guide books. Click on any blue link below to read more. 

Dive travel – We have a link with Diving Specials a website that offer up to 50% discount on a selection of dive holidays from all over the world. 

The Shop sells – Books – Dive guides that we have published and u/w photography guide books. 

Blog – Lucy shares her experiences and behavioural insights about marine life.

Dive Reviews – Lucy’s first hand unbiased reviews of great diving destinations from all over world. 

Photographs – Galleries of Lucy’s  top photographs, presenting a variety of marine life.

Some of my helpful photography tips are listed on the Photo Tips page, they are designed to help any beginner to advanced u/w photographer.

Videos – Underwater videos of marine life from around the world. Check out the seahorse videos!

Why Barbados

Year round warm water and easy diving

Barbados is fast becoming known for it’s excellent diving as well as being a sought after Caribbean holiday destination. Lucy offers a variety of services to enhance anyone’s holiday experience. Whether it’s …

Snorkel or dive with Seahorses and Turtles the choice is yours!

Are you interested in a photography based holiday? Get away from the beaches and tourist track and discover the many stunning locally known hidden gems of Barbados with Lucy.