Pygmy Seahorse

This is a short video of one of the tiny Pygmy Seahorses that I found or rather was shown whilst diving off Bangka Island which is off Manado North East Indonesia. This was the

Long Armed Octopus

I was in the Lembeh Straits ‘critter diving or muck diving ‘ as its’ called, which is the popular name given when divers are looking for small marine creatures of all descriptions amongst sand,

Wonder Puss Octopus

Wonder Puss are incredibly agile Octopuses, able to move across the sea bed very fast in a sort of running action with their 8 legs all flying around. They do keep low to the ground

Reef fish swarm the wreck

As always I have enjoyed a great trip back to Barbados so I thought I would share a photo or two. I dived many times at one of my favourite sites at the Carlisle